Think back to how much time and energy you’ve put into creating a business brand that lets your company stand out amongst the competition. Have you considered how much the physical building your business is in conveys your brand? If not, it’s something you should be putting some focus on. Customers will connect to your brand in a bigger way if they can recognize your brand simply by seeing it presented on the exterior of the building. But how do you do that? Hire DANCO Commercial Painters, and allow us to update the exterior of your building to match your business’ brand.

You Only Get One First Impression

Let your company have a strong first impression by allowing DANCO to paint the building tomatch your brand. DANCO will custom-match the paint design to your business brand so it can be as recognizable as the red-bullseye is to Target or the yellow arches to McDonalds.

Increase Business

Colors, patterns, and color combinations impact individuals by affecting emotions as well as decisions. You’re able to not only express your brand through the building’s appearance, you also have the ability to affect your customers’ willingness to buy, as well as your customers’ confidence in your company. Color choices have been known to do the following for businesses:

●        Green generates acceptance and confidence

●         Red can create excitement in customers and entice them to make quick decisions

●        Yellow allows customers’ interests and anticipations to grow

●        Orange is often tied to good value

●        Blue can instill a sense of professionalism

Align Your Print and Online Presence with Your Commercial Building Painting

The largest physical branding presence your business is your building. Build trust with your customers and give them a consistent message of your brand by using DANCO’s commercial paint services. Not only does the exterior of the building need to match your color scheme and brand, but the inside should, as well. DANCO will create that consistent message by painting both the inside and outside of your building.

Exceptional Commercial Painting

DANCO has 30+ years of experience in the Twin Cities metro. You will experience not only professional painting services, but also outstanding reliability. Companies don’t last 30+ years if they are unreliable, and DANCO’s customers will prove that. Call us today at 952-368-9951 or contact us through our website, and we can provide more information on commercial painting and help your brand stand out.