Your building’s exterior takes quite a beating throughout the year: pelting spring hail, scorching summer sun and whipping winter winds all contribute to paint deterioration as time slowly passes. And as with any structure, routine maintenance and updates are necessary to keep your building in top form. At DANCO Commercial Painters, we know the essential role commercial exterior paint plays in protecting your building—but do you? Below, we’re discussing why it’s important to maintain your exterior paint and five signs that it’s time to give our industrial painting contractors a call.


Why Is Exterior Paint Essential for Your Building’s Longevity?

Commercial exterior paint offers more than just an appealing aesthetic for your building—it provides protection, too. And it’s not only the paint that protects your building from the harsh exterior environment; high-quality caulking also helps seal out moisture, microbes, UV rays, and even small pests. Allowing your building’s exterior paint and sealants to deteriorate significantly can result in:


●        Higher annual energy costs as a result of greater UV exposure

●        Mold and mildew proliferation

●        Warping, if your building features wood components

●        Rust development

●        Cracks and holes that allow moisture to enter the building


Depending on the type of paint you select and the materials your building is fashioned from, most commercial exterior paint jobs last anywhere from five to 10 years. So if you’re approaching the end of your commercial paint’s functional life, keep an eye out for the following signs that it’s time to repaint:


#1: Chalking

As exterior paint weathers and fades, its constituents slowly degrade and separate. Eventually, the paint can leave behind a powdery, whitish residue on your hands after you touch it. If you glide your hand along the outside of your building and see a chalky film on your palms afterward, you’ll need to have the residue removed, a new coat of primer applied, and finally, a new coat of commercial exterior paint.


#2: Chipping or Peeling

If commercial painting protects the exterior of your building, chipping and peeling are glaring red flags. Chipped and peeling paint cannot provide an adequate seal against outside moisture, and once your building’s paint begins deteriorating, that damage will only spread, compounding the problem. As soon as you notice areas of paint deterioration or damage, it’s time to start making plans for commercial building painting.


#3: Bubbling

Paint bubbling occurs when small pockets of air become trapped under your building’s paint, which often occurs as a result of water damage. If you observe bubbling on the exterior surface of your building, it’s well past time for new commercial paint.


#4: Mold & Mildew

When you inspect your building’s exterior, can you see black dots or dark stains on the surface of the paint? If so, there’s a definite chance you’re dealing with mold or mildew, both of which have the potential to cause health problems for those who use the space. To protect your tenants and patrons from the potential hazards of mold proliferation, contact a commercial painting company that can inspect your building’s exterior and recommend the most appropriate course of action. 


#5: Safety Concerns

If your building contains painted signs or markings on the floor or walls, they must be fully visible to all who use the space. If those markings have deteriorated to the point they’re unclear or barely perceptible, it’s time to bring in your industrial painting contractors for a paint update. As a building owner, it’s your duty to maintain a safe, well-kept property, and when you allow painted signage or safety markings to fall into neglect, you put the safety of your employees and patrons at risk.


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