When it comes to selecting the right contractors for your building’s commercial painting needs, choosing the best team for the job depends on a variety of factors. That’s why it’s important to understand what commercial painting involves, how it’s different from other types of painting, and what your building’s specific needs are.


At DANCO Commercial Painters, we understand its easy to assume all types of painting are relatively the same. But in reality, commercial painting differs considerably from the residential type in a variety of important areas. Below, our expert team breaks down what you need to know about the commercial process to select the best contractors for your needs.


What Makes Commercial Painting Unique?

Commercial painting is a business-to-business service, meaning this type of painting is reserved for commercial buildings, not residential dwellings. The commercial painting process is typically far more involved than the residential process as well.


Due to the extensive cleaning, prepwork, old paint removal, and industry guidelines contractors must follow, a commercial paint project involves more expertise, training, and careful planning than most other types of painting. Furthermore, because the paint on a commercial building inevitably endures more wear-and-tear, it must be applied with great precision, and only after the appropriate preparative steps have been taken.


At DANCO Commercial Painters, we understand how critical proper planning and prepwork are for both the appearance and longevity of commercial paint. That’s why our process involves the following carefully designed steps:


●        Assessing the condition of the walls and locating any damaged areas in need of repair

●        Assisting with appropriate paint and coating selection

●        Building an overview of the project and presenting it for client review

●        Explaining paint design options and assisting with style selections, including materials, colors, and the appropriate types of paint for each area

●        Performing pressure washing, caulking, patching, sanding, and other preparative steps to ensure proper paint adhesion and longevity

●        Precisely applying the paint to ensure a visually pleasing final result and long-term weather resistance 

●        Performing paint inspections and updates at regular intervals, according to client needs

What Types of Businesses Need Commercial Painting?

If you own or manage a commercial building that requires a paint update, you’ll want to hire a reputable commercial painter, not a company that focuses more on the residential side of the industry. All types of commercial buildings and business industries can benefit from high-quality commercial paint, including:


●        Healthcare facilities

●        Hospitality establishments

●        Office buildings

●        Industrial buildings

●        Schools and Universities

●        Restaurants

●        Apartment buildings and condominiums

●        Retail stores

●        Recreational facilities and amusement parks


Does your building fall into one of the above categories? Then get in touch with our team today to schedule a consultation to discuss your commercial painting needs!


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