As the movement towards greener, more eco-friendly businesses grows, chances are you’re making efforts towards making your business greener. These efforts likely include monitoring how much energy your buildings use throughout the year. Even in the relatively cool climate of the Twin Cities area, the sun’s radiation can have a major impact on your business’s energy expenses. As your commercial painting company, DANCO Commercial Painters understands the importance of keeping your business green.

The Right Paint Can Make a Difference

When it comes to saving energy, your building’s paint design can play a rather important role. White and other light-hued pigments are well-known for their ability to reflect solar rays and the heat energy those rays bring. Blocking these rays before they have a chance to heat your building can potentially help keep your building cooler.

There’s a reason why some buildings in warmer climates have their rooftops painted white. Fortunately, you’re not stuck with using white paint if you want to make your buildings cooler and more energy-efficient.

The Benefits of Heat-Reflective Paints

Heat-reflective paints offer a breakthrough in energy-efficient pigment technology. These paints utilize mixed metal oxide pigments and other technologies that not only reflect the vast majority of the sun’s radiation but also offer excellent thermal emissivity. Using heat-reflective paints can have plenty of benefits for your commercial or industrial building:

●        Efficiency. Using heat-reflective paints reduces the amount of heat that penetrates your building, thereby reducing the amount of energy devoted towards climate control.

●        Durability. Heat-reflective paints resist UV fading, giving your building’s color scheme a longer lease on life.

●        Variety. Heat-reflective paints come in a wide variety of hues, giving you precise control over the look and feel of your building.

Professional Commercial Painting in the Twin Cities Area

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