Your business depends on having an exceptional exterior aesthetic, and because spring is a time for renewal, refreshing your business with a commercial painting project makes sense! Spring offers multiple advantages for a commercial painting project.


So, if you have been considering investing, the pros at DANCO Commercial Painters are here to give you five benefits of spring painting.

Optimal Outdoor Temperatures

Paint needs certain elements to cure effectively; spring is a perfect season. The milder temperatures help ensure optimal curing for the masonry coating and paint required for a professionally completed job. 


Starting early in the spring also gives the crews more time to plan for delays from late-season snow or rain and finish the project before the hotter months roll in, ensuring that your paint has the best opportunity to bond with the exterior walls, keeping your building protected.

Protect the Exterior of Your Building

It is no secret that Minnesota's winters are rough and can extensively damage your building's exterior. All the elements can lead to issues like paint peeling, flaking, cracking, and blistering and directly affect the structure of your building, resulting in costly repairs.


Catching these issues in spring gives your business a fresh look for the season and protects your building from the elements of all seasons.

Condition of Existing Paint Reveals What’s Wrong

Your building's exterior will take a beating during the winter. But the good thing about hiring a commercial painting company in the spring is they will be able to determine how much damage the exterior of your building sustained during the winter.


At DANCO, our experts can spot damages that need to be addressed and ensure that issues are repaired and cracks are filled with fresh caulk to help prevent the elements from causing damage to your building's exterior.


Less Worry About Scheduling

Spring is also the optimal time to schedule professional exterior painting because most people wait until the summer months to tackle any outdoor painting projects, and this can make it more challenging to find a professional painter that's available.


Starting in the spring means getting ahead of the rush and ensuring your business keeps its attractive aesthetic and branding that your customers know and trust.

Fewer Landscaping Challenges

Painting in spring also means the foliage won't fully bloom because the buds are still information. This means easier access for the painters and allows them to move more freely in the space without risking injuring trees and bushes on the property.

Color & Design Trends for Commercial Business Exteriors

The exterior of your business directly affects how your customers and clients feel, and experts have weighed in on some of the best color and design trends to consider for 2023.


While most companies have specific color schemes or branding, here are just a few top-rated exterior design colors and choices if you are still unsure about what to choose.

Contrasting Shades

Color contrast is how colors look when they are matched up together. If you have a large amount of lettering on the exterior of your business and need legibility and visibility.


Some of the best combos are:


  • White or yellow lettering on a dark blue background
  • Black, red, or dark blue on a yellow background
  • White, black, or yellow text on a red background

Rustic & Warm

Chances are, one color isn't enough, and you may need to mix up your scheme a bit to stand out from your competitors. Depending on your business type, a rich earthy tone paired with natural elements like copper, gold, and gray can create a beautiful accent for a gorgeous finish that feels welcoming and invoke a sense of comfort for your customers.

Dynamic & Bold 

Creating a dynamic look can also consist of having a colorful backdrop. Whether you're picking bright reds combined with green and yellow contrast or traditional black or navy complemented with white accents, these shades can help remove the monotony and help give your business a brilliant aesthetic that catches the eye.

Contact DANCO Commercial Painters in Minnesota

There are many reasons to paint the exterior of your building this spring. It not only keeps the facility in excellent condition, but a new paint job can dramatically change the look of your business.


If you are looking for experienced painting professionals in the Twin Cities to paint your commercial building this spring, schedule your free estimate today with DANCO Commercial Painters by calling 612-598-3864, or you can message us on our contact page. We offer painting for warehouses, industrial parks, schools, government facilities, and retail establishments.