A common problem in Minnesota is water seepage in concrete walls. Fine cracks and pin-sized holes create space for water to collect and seep inside walls. This added moisture can make it feel damp and uncomfortable inside, it can cause mold to grow, and it can lessen the integrity of the structure.


Those are just some of the reasons why it is best to address water seepage problems right away to avoid costly repairs to interior walls. The good news is water seepage is an issue that can be fixed by experts like those at DANCO Commercial Painters.


Here are some steps that the professionals at DANCO Commercial Painters will take to prevent water seepage and make sure there is a tight seal on the wall, further preserving the structure.


●        Caulking and sealing | There are specialized caulking and sealing products that, if they are diligently and properly applied to the concrete walls, will help cut down on the amount of water that seeps into the walls.

●        High-quality paint | Once the walls are sealed and caulked, it is important to apply a high-quality paint topcoat (or topcoats) to create a tight seal, further preventing seepage because many of these paints are resistant to water and contain silicon, which offers extra strength for walls.


At DANCO Commercial Painters, we have a tried-and-tested commercial painting process that is key to successfully protecting interior and exterior walls from the elements, including water seepage.


Our painting process includes several steps, including some that are crucial to protecting the integrity of the structure. They include:

●        Examining the building | During the initial consultation, our team of experts will visit the building to assess the condition of the walls to determine if anything needs to be repaired.

●        Preparing the walls | After deciding on paint colors and styles, we will prepare your walls for a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the status of the walls, preparation could include caulking, pressure washing, patching and/or sanding the walls. We are sure to take our time and complete this step with care because if it is not done properly, it could ruin the quality of the paint job.


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If you are experiencing water seepage in your building, contact us today at 612-598-3864 so we can come out to assess the situation and get to work caulking and sealing your walls to prevent any more water from seeping into your building.


And if you are concerned your walls may be damaged, but have not experienced any water seepage, still give DANCO Commercial Painters a call — we recommend clients get their walls inspected and cleaned at least once every two to three years, which can help catch any water seepage issues before they really become a problem.