Are your steel buildings, storage tanks, and barns at your Twin Cities Metro area farm showing their age? Often we take signs of wear as notice that a huge investment in replacing structures is on its way. However, many times a commercial paint job by DANCO Commercial Painters is able to reassure you that the buildings remain in good shape and helps to extend your budget.


Stains and Blistering Paint Indicate Maintenance is Needed

When you notice the first signs of rust, water stains, or blistering on the exterior of your storage facility, it isn't necessarily an indication of immediate failure. It is reminding you that some basic maintenance, repair, and restoration is in order. As your vendors, customers, and clients drive up for a delivery or meeting, their first impression of your operation is based on how well the property is maintained.  It is time to invest in a professional paint job and begin to restore the structures and your reputation.


Proper Preparation Delivers a Long-Lasting Paint Job

At DANCO, we take the time to complete a thorough site evaluation before starting any work. We will fully prepare the surface to be painted starting with pressure washing the building. We follow that up with sanding down any areas that are showing signs of corrosion and applying the proper primer to slow the signs of aging. Only then do we apply the paint that is best suited for the structure and is designed to stand up to years of abuse from Minnesota storms. 


When you take the time to fully repair and prepare the exterior of a building, you save money in the future with a longer lasting paint job.


Rediscover Pride In Your Acres and Business

Once your farm has received an attractive commercial paint job, your business will stand tall and proud under the bright sun. Ask us about adding the name of the farm on the side of your tanks or silos and give the landscape an added spark of interest. Consider adding a contrasting trim that reflects the company brand. Of course, once you have your barns looking bright and shiny, it might be time to brush up your office space with a quick interior paint job, too.


At DANCO Commercial Painters we have been delivering quality painting services to all of our neighbors since 1988, using the best practices and quality paint products that deliver a beautiful and lasting finish. Give us a call at 612-598-3864 and schedule your personal site visit to receive a hassle-free quote today.