Your warehouse provides your business with the space needed to keep succeeding and growing. However, when was the last time you gave those shadowy rafters a good inspection? Many of these buildings were constructed with dark beams and dark paint. When you update your space with a commercial paint job for the ceiling, it gives you the opportunity to breathe new life into a tired environment while keeping your building in good repair.

Keep an Eye on that High Ceiling

The exposed ceilings in warehouses typically have electrical conduits, heating ducts, and structural elements exposed. Your commercial lighting probably hides most of this from a passing glance. Adding a bright white or light colored paint to the ceiling can allow your plant manager to keep an eye on crucial systems without getting out of the lift.

Good Time for Preventive Maintenance

Once you decide that having the ceiling painted is on the docket, you can more easily take a good look at the structure of your warehouse. Seal up any small leaks, secure a dangling wire, remove dust, and consider if further repairs are needed. It isn't often that you really give your ceilings a good inspection, but they can be the first indication of a more serious problem on the roof.

Improve Insulation and Lighting in One Step

Painting your warehouse ceiling isn't all about looks. Ask your commercial painter about applying an insulating layer along with the tint at the same time. Your investment in dressing up the area could also help you control your energy expenses. We can also help you choose a paint that offers greater light refraction, which can improve lighting without investing in new fixtures.

Highlight Important Fixtures

If you have major mechanical units mounted near your ceiling, now is a great time to think about giving them an updated contrasting paint job, so they are more easily located in the case of an emergency or are better able to show leaks and defects. We can also use industry standard colors to brighten up safety areas to help you maintain your OSHA standards.

If you would like to get a quote for updating the ceiling of your warehouse with a commercial paint job, give us a call at DANCO Commercial Painters at 952-368-9951, and we will come out for an inspection and complete a quick proposal.