Painting a commercial building is a big undertaking. Not only is there a large surface area to cover, but often, commercial buildings can have challenging components to paint. Combine the large surface area with a multi-story building or multi-faceted building design, and you quickly have a large project.


Commercial painters, like DANCO Commercial Painters, are great resources to help with commercial projects. Painting your commercial building can help improve the overall property value. Let's take a look at just a few ways a fresh coat of paint can help improve your investment.

Visually Appealing

Adding new paint can help increase the curb appeal of your building. Whether you own a commercial store, apartment building, or office complex, you want to be able to stand out. The outside appearance of the building is a reflection of what a visitor might find on the inside. Having a good first impression as people walk past the building is a great way to get noticed. A clean paint job with appealing and appropriate colors can certainly help your building stand out among the crowd. Having a noticeable building will only help to increase the property's value.

Renovated Interior

Commercial painters can also help with interior painting. Renovations are expensive and intrusive, extending for months or even years. Adding new paint is a great way to give the inside space of your building a new look to add increased property value, without demolition and the cost associated with a full renovation. Simply adding neutral, soft colors to public spaces can help make a building feel updated and new. Or, alternatively, adding a pop of color to a space can help bring some life and energy to a building.

Helps Protect Investment

Paint can do more than simply look nice or provide a pop of color. Paint actually has a very practical purpose, especially when the paint is on the exterior of the building. Having a fresh coat of paint is a great way to protect your property. Weather can do an incredible amount of damage to a building, especially in Minnesota. Year after year pounding rain, wind, and snow can cause the building to degrade and become damaged.


Old paint can chip and peel, exposing the building walls to the elements. A fresh coat of paint will act as a barrier, protecting your investment from damage. New paint on a building can help to repel water and protect the interior from sun damage.


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