When our team plans to repaint an occupied space, there is a lot we consider before and during the task. Our goal is to never disrupt a building’s tenants or occupants, which means we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our work never hinders business. We also often recommend certain steps for our clients to take to ensure their building’s occupants are undisturbed throughout the process.

1.   Give Your Tenants or Occupants a Heads Up Beforehand

We recommend you notify your tenants or occupants of the work several days or even weeks beforehand. This includes detailing when the job will start and what areas will be painted at which times. In a commercial business setting, this can also help your employees understand where to direct customers during the process.

2.   Schedule the Job in Stages

We recommend working with our team to develop a schedule that works best for your business. Some business owners prefer to have their buildings painted in stages, which helps avoid having to completely shut down the business for a certain period of time.


At DANCO Commercial Painters, our team has mastered the art of tackling a commercial paint job over the last several decades. We can help you determine a painting schedule that will best fit with your business’s needs.

3.   Have The Paint Job Performed After Hours

Along with painting your building(s) in stages, we also recommend scheduling your new painting job during the off hours of normal business operation. We know that in multi-unit family housing, this is not necessarily possible, but if you operate a business, having work done after hours could eliminate the possibility of disruption for employees and guests.


Please keep in mind that our team operates certain business hours during the year; we’ll work with you to develop a schedule that works best for everyone.


Considering the information above, there are plenty of ways one can have their paint job done without disrupting business. Thankfully, DANCO Commercial Painters is here to help! For more information about our interior and exterior commercial painting services, contact us today.