Colors are influential. They have the ability to bring about reactions in people, both physical and emotional. People tend to have a favorite color, and beyond being happy when someone sees their favorite color, studies prove that some colors have the ability to universally affect people in the same way.


Knowing paint colors can affect people, business owners can actually motivate their employees and increase productivity if they select the correct interior paint color. Does your office feel dull? Is motivation lacking or productivity down? If so, hire a professional commercial painter to redo the interior paint so you can increase your employees’ efficiency.


How do you know what color to choose? It turns out that some colors have the ability to universally increase productivity for all people, while different colors only increase productivity for certain tasks. Deciding what color to paint will be determined by what type of work your company does. Here are some ways that different paint colors affect people:


●        Blue | The color blue has two effects on people. The first is an increase in productivity. Beyond increasing productivity, the color blue can also calm people and help bring more focus to the specific task at hand.

●        Green | The color green can also calm people, so it’s a great choice for office spaces where employees work long hours. Eye fatigue is less when the walls are green, and less eye fatigue makes employees more efficient.

●        Yellow | The color yellow is great to inspire creativity in your employees. If you have writers, designers, or workers that need to generate creativity, yellow is the color choice you should select to help your employees be even more productive.

●        Red | The color red is the color you will want to choose if your employees do a lot of tasks that are physically demanding. Red has been found to get the blood flowing by increasing people’s heart rates, and it also can evoke an emotional response and increase passion. Likewise, if you need your employees to notice something important, then you should paint it red.


Beyond the actual color of the paint, the saturation and intesity of the color also matter in your interior commercial painting. If you need to stimulate your employees, you’ll want to select bright colors. If instead you need to sooth your employees, then you should select a soft color. Select colors for particular parts of your office that complement the work people in those areas are doing.


Make an intentional paint selection by hiring DANCO Commercial Painters in the Twin Cities to help boost employee morale and productivity. We’ll work with you to come up with a design that will meet your specific needs.Call us today at 612-598-3864 to receive more information about what we can do for you.