As a business owner we know how much you care about yourncommercial property and that you strive to make sure your building is in the best shape possible for your clients and employees. Even if you invest in a high-quality finish, your paint won’t last as long unless you have completed the proper prep work.


The professionals at DANCO Commercial Painters know what quality prep work entails. A quality paint job will be ruined if there is no prep work, or if the prep work isn’t done properly.  Here are some reasons why prep work matters.

Why Prep Work Matters

If all you do is paint over unprepped surfaces, your building will appear old and unkempt. If there is even one coat of paint on a surface before you paint it, this one layer of paint can allow imperfections to be visible through the new layer of paint. Each piece of dirt or grime will be exposed. If there are old paint flakes, cracks, or tiny holes, it can be an eyesore in your building’s newly painted surface.


If we don’t do the necessary prep work, paint can’t properly adhere to its surface. New paint needs to bond to the new surface, so if the surface hasn’t been prepped, the new paint will peel, flake, or bubble. Our thorough prep work will save you money in the long run.

DANCO Commercial Painters Knows How to Prep

To make sure your commercial building looks as pristine after our painting is complete, we adhere to all the necessary prep work, including:


●        Pressure washing all exterior surfaces to clean away any old paint, dirt, or grime

●        Sand and scrape any rough areas and remove any peeling paint that wasn’t washed away by the pressure washer

●        Patch all holes and any cracks as needed

●        Tape off any areas that don’t need to be repainted


Once these steps have been completed, we will use a quality primer on the exterior before we apply the finish to ensure the paint finish lasts as long as possible.


When you decide your building’s exterior needs to be transformed, contact DANCO Commercial Painters at 612-598-3864. We have been meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations for over thirty years. If you’ve driven through the Twin Cities metro, you’ve seen our work on hospitals, schools, retail stores, and warehouses. Give us a call today to let us transform the exterior of your building.