You have worked hard to create a brand for your business. There is nothing that does more in conveying that brand than your physical building for your business. Matching your building’s paint design to that brand carries your marketing across to the customer in a big way. DANCO Commercial Painters can take your brand’s colors and match your building’s paint design to your business brand with our commercial painting services in the Twin Cities area.


Give Good First Impressions Through Commercial Painting

Commercial painting services by a professional can custom-match your business brand through paint design. Give your customers a strong first impression of your brand through the paint you choose for your building. Follow the example of some of the big marketing gurus of the 21st Century: would you ever picture McDonalds without the red and yellow trademark colors, or Target without the signature red? We can take your brand and express it through paint design for your building’s exterior.


Use Color and Paint Design to Increase Business

Different colors and color combinations have different effects on our emotions and decisions. Use color to express the feel of your business and take that through your branding. Our professional consultants can give you recommendations on color choices for your business brand. You can inspire customer confidence and motivation to buy through the color and paint design choices.


Here are some examples of what color choices can do for your business:


●        Green inspires acceptance and confidence

●        Red causes excitement and quick decisions

●        Yellow brings interest and anticipation

●        Orange is associated with good value

●        Blue conveys professionalism


Match Your Commercial Paint Design with Your Print and Online Advertising

Once you choose your color scheme for your advertising, reflect those color choices across all your advertising mediums. Your building is your biggest piece of physical advertising. Give your customers a consistent message through color with our professional paint design and our commercial paint services. Let us customize a paint design to convey your marketing on the inside and outside of your business.



Quality Commercial Painting in Minneapolis

With over 30 years of experience, the staff at DANCO Commercial Painters can provide professional and reliable painting services to your Minnesota business. We bring personalized service to your painting project. Look to a company with longevity in the industry to take care of your painting needs. For information on commercial painting, give us a call at 952-368-9951 or email us at