Running a successful business isn’t all about productivity, as you surely know. No matter what industry you’re in, success stems from problem solving, ingenuity, communication, teamwork, and, most importantly, building trust with your customers or clients. Inarguably, a steaming cup of joe (or three) can go quite a long way in boosting employee productivity, but what about the other factors that contribute to your business’s success?


How do you boost creativity, encourage problem solving, and foster open communication? If we told you something as simple as color could make all the difference, would you believe it? Our DANCO Commercial Painters team dives into the details below.


Is Your Conference Room a Hot-Head Hangout?

If your space features a conference or boardroom, there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed (more than) a few heated discussions unfold within it. While there’s no arguing that certain topics of discussion will always generate mixed opinions and responses, wouldn’t your meetings be more efficient without emotions running on overdrive?


If you’re ready to tone down the decibel level in your meeting rooms, consider painting those spaces a calming shade of pink. Yes, pink might sound ludacris for a professional setting, but don’t scoff just yet! Did you know sports teams often paint the opposing players’ locker rooms pink in an effort to subconsciously calm down their rivals? Or that psychologists in Switzerland found that pink-hued prison walls helped calm down aggressive inmates?


It might sound crazy, but it’s true. Pink is associated with calming and femininity, which can help quell verbal outbursts and stop unproductive arguments before they begin. So, if you’ve got a few leaders who just can’t seem to agree, your commercial interior painters can mix you a custom shade of pink that induces a sense of calm, but that still appears professional.


Trying to Prevent Employees from Snoozing on the Job?

Of all paint colors, white is inarguably the most common in professional settings. Yet, unfortunately, white is associated with boredom and (gasp!) lack of creativity. Whether you consciously realize it, colors stimulate the mind, and a monochromatic color scheme can lead your employees’ minds to wander, taking their focus away from the tasks at hand.


In fact, in one study conducted by the University of Texas, researchers found that bland hues, such as beige, gray, and white, induced feelings of sadness and depression! Who can focus when they feel like that?


On the flip side, white is also associated with cleanliness, modernity, and minimalism, but for the sake of your employees’ mental health, it shouldn’t be the only color present. Consider having your commercial painting company integrate pops of color throughout your space to keep your staff actively engaged in their work.


Need to Hype Up Your Sales Team?

If you’ve got a high-pressure sales atmosphere, you know how critical it is that your sales team stays on top of their game — all day long. Sure, caffeine can do the trick for a few hours, but sprinting to the break room every 30 minutes for a jolt of motivation is neither practical nor productive.


But what if you could stimulate that sense of motivation and assertiveness with a simple interior design tweak? The good news is, you can! And you can do it by having your commercial painting team add splashes of red throughout your sales floors’ walls.


Red invokes feelings of passion, assertiveness, excitement, and energy, which makes it a perfect complement to a high-stakes sales atmosphere. Because the color stands out so well, you can also use red in specific areas you’d like to call immediate attention to.  


Want to Build Trusting, Communicative Relationships?

Are you looking to invoke feelings of trust and open communication in your commercial building? Then paint the interior various shades of blue. People associate blue with trust, authority, dependability, calm, and focus, which makes it a great choice for businesses that hope to encourage communicative problem solving among team members. Because blue also emulates a sense of authority and dependability, it’s a perfect choice for building trust with your customers or clients.


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