If you’re planning to invest in commercial painting for your facility, make sure you hire a company that places a heavy emphasis on proper prepwork! When it comes to commercial paint, prepwork is absolutely essential to achieve a lasting, aesthetic finish. Without prep, your paint simply won’t stand up to environmental impacts and the rigors of commercial activity.


At DANCO Commercial Painters, we deeply understand the importance of thorough, high-quality prepwork, which is why we’ve made it such a significant component of our painting process. Below, we’ve outlined why prep is so critical, and how our unique process ensures your building’s paint will last. 


Why Is Prep Work So Essential?

Applying paint over an old, unprepped surface is a recipe for disaster. It takes only a single coat of paint to reveal glaring flaws, such as tiny holes, cracks, dirt, grime, and peeling or flaking paint, which leaves a highly unaesthetic finish. Worse, existing flaws — when allowed to remain beneath the surface on new paint — dramatically reduce the lifespan of the new coating.


Proper surface preparation ensures the new paint will smoothly adhere to any surface, and without it, even the highest-quality commercial paint can experience:


●        Premature color deterioration

●        Bubbling, blistering, or water damage

●        Cracking, peeling, or flaking

●        Mold or mildew development


Paint deterioration, whether it exists on a building’s exterior or interior walls can make your business appear unkempt and unprofessional, which affects your bottom line. Too, improper prepwork almost always leads to costly paint repairs or complete repainting, which puts another ding in your business’s profits.


DANCO’s Commercial Painting Prep Work Process

So what does high-quality prepwork entail? At DANCO, we’ve developed our tried-and-true process through decades of experience. Time and time again, our prep process has delivered exceptional, long-lasting results because we take great care to ensure a high-quality finished product that’s worth your investment. Here’s how we prep your building’s surfaces for commercial painting:


●        We perform a thorough pressure washing of each surface to remove existing dirt and surface residue.

●        We thoroughly sand rough surfaces to create a smooth, flawless finish, so the new paint can fully adhere and bond to the primer. We also scrape away any damaged paint that wasn’t removed during pressure washing.

●        We patch small holes and cracks in each surface to ensure a smooth, flawless final finish.

●        We mask and tape off any areas that do not require repainting to protect them from overspray or accidental damage.


Once we’ve completed the prep according to our stringent quality standards, we apply a high-quality primer to each surface to ensure complete paint bonding and a durable, long-lasting finish. Then it’s time to paint!


DANCO Commercial Painting: Your Twin Cities Source for High-Quality Commercial Paint

Whether you’re planning to paint a new commercial building or you need to update your facility’s existing paint, our team at DANCO Commercial Painting is here to serve you. For over 30 years, we’ve proudly served Twin Cities commercial property owners, and our commitment to quality workmanship and excellent customer service is unmatched in the industry. When you’re ready to transform your building with high-quality, long-lasting paint, give us a call at 612-598-3864 to schedule your free estimate. You can also get in touch with us via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you promptly.