As a business owner, the way your building looks says a lot about how your company operates. After all, first impressions are everything, right? At DANCO Commercial Painting, we know how important it is for businesses to present themselves in the best light possible. We also know there’s no better way to make an excellent first impression than with a high-quality commercial paint job. Below, we outline three ways properly applied and well-maintained interior or exterior paint can benefit your business.


Aesthetic Appeal

You design your advertising to appeal to your ideal customers, but what about your building? Does it represent your business well? Because your building’s appearance is essentially an extension of your marketing, it’s critical that you maintain it just as diligently as you maintain your marketing efforts.


As customers or clients pass by or approach for a visit, their first impression will be how the outside of your building looks. And even perfectly groomed landscaping and well-designed signage won’t draw attention away from a poorly maintained exterior.


If you want to make a lasting, positive impression, great service isn’t the only thing you need; you need to create the right perception of your business from the moment customers see it. And to do that, quality commercial painting is key.


Building Protection

Properly applied, high-quality commercial exterior paint does more than boost the aesthetic appeal of your property; it serves to protect the building itself. Severe weather and water are two of any structure’s greatest enemies, and because the exterior of your building is exposed to the outside elements 24/7, it can experience considerable deterioration without the right protection in place.


Moreover, if your property is situated in an industrial area, airborne pollutants and dust can speed up the deterioration of the paint, which will allow moisture to penetrate the structure. Keep in mind: The cost to repair water damage to any building’s exterior is considerably more expensive than hiring building painting services to properly maintain your commercial paint job. 



Increased Property Value

If you plan to sell your business or lease your property for commercial use, it’s critical that you maintain the building and grounds in the best condition you possibly can. Beyond routine landscaping upkeep and cleaning, you also need to ensure the exterior of your building is dressed to impress, and commercial exterior paint is an excellent way to paint in your business in the best light possible.


A properly applied and well maintained commercial paint job helps attract potential buyers or lessees to your property, and not only that, but it also plays a role in raising the value of your building. Just as updating a residential property’s aesthetic can add to a seller’s bottom line, updating your building’s aesthetic can have a similar effect. 


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