Whether you’re considering commercial painting, flooring updates, or improving your building’s interior design, a vacant property offers you an opportunity to complete the process rapidly, without interrupting daily business operations.


At DANCO Commercial Painters, we understand that building improvements are often disruptive to daily company routines. That’s why we strive to complete our clients’ projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.


However, if you have the opportunity, scheduling commercial painting projects or other building updates during low occupancy or vacant periods can help you avoid business interruptions entirely. Read on to learn about the benefits of updating your building when minimal foot traffic is present.  

Painting a Vacant Building

Scheduling a commercial painting project when building staff won’t be present is always a wise idea. Whether team members are working remotely, it’s off-peak season for your business, or it’s the holidays, the fewer people inside the space, the more efficiently the project can be completed.


When your building is at low or zero occupancy, your commercial painting crew can better navigate the space. An easily navigable building allows for a tighter timeline and minimal risk of unintentional damage or complications with the process. This is especially true for interior commercial painting projects, which frequently require controlled conditions to achieve an optimal finish.


When your building is empty, it’s also much easier to move furniture around, change up the color scheme, and update high-traffic areas, such as hallways, lobbies, and common areas. Repainting ceilings during normal business hours is often one of the most challenging aspects of a commercial painting project, but vacancy allows for efficient prep and painting with no interruptions.

Applying or Upgrading Specialty Coatings

If your commercial building houses manufacturing or any other type of machinery, commercial paint and coatings can help simplify maintenance while extending your equipment’s lifespan. But in many cases, it’s best to shut down machinery to perform the coating or painting process as efficiently and rapidly as possible.


While no business loves the idea of shutting down equipment to perform updates, taking advantage of vacant periods can help you avoid a significant interruption in production. If facility employees won’t be present during the holidays or if your business is exiting peak-production season, both are ideal times to schedule improvements.

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