Does your commercial building feature metal surfaces? Are they properly protected from corrosion and other forms of environmental deterioration? While most industrial metals used for ceiling joists, staircases, door frames, pipes, and other critical installations are factory-coated to help prevent wear and tear, those coatings frequently provide insufficient protection.


To maintain the integrity of the metal surfaces in and around your property, you must understand which types of metal you’re dealing with and the proper way to protect them. The experts at DANCO Commercial Painting explain what you need to know about protecting your metal surfaces with commercial painting below.


Metal Type: How to Determine Which Commercial Painting Products You Need

Metals can be divided into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals contain iron while non-ferrous metals don’t. If you’re unsure which type of metals your property features, perform a simple magnet test. If the magnet sticks to the metal, it contains iron, therefore, it’s ferrous. 


Ferrous and non-ferrous metals behave differently with environmental exposure, you must know which type of metal you have to determine the type of paint and primer you need. Because ferrous metals are highly prone to corrosion, all ferrous surfaces on your property should be primed and painted to provide barrier protection against heat and moisture.


Why Work With a Commercial Painting Contractor for Metal Coatings?

Many commercial building owners and managers are unfamiliar with the appropriate protective coatings for various metal surfaces throughout the property. Unfortunately, a lack of proper metal protection often results in premature corrosion of those surfaces, which detracts from the property’s appearance or worse, presents a safety hazard.


Working with a knowledgeable, experienced commercial painting contractor can help ensure proper protection for a variety of metal surfaces, including:


●        Stainless steel

●        Carbon steel

●        Galvanized metal

●        Bare metal

●        Aluminum


Each type of metal requires different preparation techniques prior to painting, as well as different primers, coatings, and application techniques to achieve proper adhesion. Before you hire a contractor for your project, be sure to inquire about their experience handling these types of commercial painting jobs, as well as any similar projects they’ve completed.


At DANCO Commercial Painting, we’ve been helping commercial property owners maintain and protect their buildings for over 30 years. Check out our past projects and client reviews that speak to the unmatched quality of work and customer service we deliver.


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