Another year has passed — does your commercial building look worse for the wear? If so, it could probably use a new coat of paint to liven things up. But is winter really a great time to schedule commercial painting, or should you wait until the warmer spring or summer months?

The experts at DANCO Commercial Painting discuss the pros and cons you should consider below.


Advantages of Scheduling Commercial Painting in Winter

While most building owners automatically assume winter isn’t a suitable time for any renovations — including paint — that notion is false. Having contractors complete a commercial paint project during winter is advantageous for several reasons, including:


●        Better paint curing. Paint doesn’t cure well when it’s hot and humid outside. But in winter when it’s cool and relatively dry, paint cures well. The quicker your paint cures, the faster the project reaches completion. 


●        Faster turnaround times. During winter commercial exterior paint jobs shut down when the sun sets. That’s not so for indoor projects. If you need commercial interior paint, your contractors can continue working long after the sun goes down. And those extra hours on site translate to project completion in far less time. 


●        Preferred scheduling. Generally, commercial painting contractors aren’t nearly as busy throughout winter as they are during spring and summer. Spring and summer are prime times for commercial exterior painting, which causes painters’ schedules to be packed during the warmer months. But if you have an interior project that needs attention during winter, you can typically snag your preferred spot on your painters’ schedule with no complications.


Drawbacks of a Wintertime Commercial Paint Project

Though scheduling commercial painting during winter offers building owners a number of benefits, it doesn’t come without a few potential drawbacks too. If you do choose to schedule your project during the winter months, be aware that you might run into a few snags, which might include:


●        Ventilation issues. Depending on the weather, getting proper ventilation for an interior paint job can be somewhat challenging. If it’s frigid outside, obviously, you’re not going to open all the windows in your building for fresh air. However, your commercial painting contractors likely use fans and other ventilation tools to increase airflow on interior projects. If you’re concerned about potential ventilation issues, don’t hesitate to ask your contractor how they create adequate airflow on indoor jobs.  


●        Slow drying times. While paint always cures better when it’s cool, if it’s incredibly cold outdoors, even an indoor paint job might take a while to dry. Depending on the weather, your commercial interior paint project might take a bit longer than you (or your painters) anticipate since frigid temperatures can increase resting duration between paint coats.


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