Did you just wrap up an exterior commercial painting project on your Twin Cities building? While you’re no doubt pleased with the aesthetic now, that gorgeous new coating will require regular cleaning and upkeep to maintain its appearance and protective qualities. Routine paint maintenance is also essential if you’re looking to inspire confidence in your customers, clients, or residents.


One of the most well-known commercial cleaning and maintenance techniques is pressure washing; unfortunately, it’s also one of the most underrated. Curious whether you should consider investing in routine pressure washing treatments to maintain your building’s coating? Read on to find out.


Is Pressure Washing Safe?

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of pressure washing. They know it involves a high-pressure stream of water that’s designed to lift surface debris, staining, and discoloration rapidly and without any chemicals.


But given the fact that this cleaning technique involves highly pressurized water, many people mistakenly believe it might be bad for commercial paint (or any type of paint for that matter). That’s not necessarily true.


Rather, pressure washing is often the only safe and effective cleaning method for many sensitive surfaces that shouldn’t be subjected to harsh or abrasive cleaning products. Power washing, on the other hand, (pressure washing’s cousin) involves a jet of pressurized, heated water that can present problems for certain sensitive surfaces.


Choosing the Appropriate Cleaning Technique

In most cases, standard pressure washing is the appropriate choice for exterior commercial paint. In certain instances, such as paint contamination with viscous fluids or baked-on salt deposits, power washing may prove a more effective approach for removing substances that may deteriorate exterior coatings.


If your building’s paint job is due for a thorough cleaning, consider consulting with a commercial painting company that specializes in pressure washing and maintenance. A pro can determine the safest cleaning technique to use on your building and identify any areas in need of patching or renovation.


Benefits of Routine Pressure Washing for Commercial Coatings

When you invest in high-quality commercial painting, you’re not just investing in an aesthetic upgrade for your building; you’re also investing in superior surface protection. Routine pressure washing is one of the simplest ways to not only maintain that investment but also to enjoy years of return on it. Just a few of the key benefits include:


●        Improved performance and longevity of the coating. Brand-new exterior coatings are quite resilient, but over time, any coating becomes more vulnerable to environmental damage, especially from materials that make direct contact with the building’s surface. Pressure washing effectively removes debris that can lead to oxidation, baked-on staining, and organic growths, which allows the paint to perform better over a longer period of time.


●        Better public impression. It doesn’t matter what kind of commercial building you own; if you’re trying to make a positive public impression, it must be kept clean. Not only that, but the exterior coating must also remain in excellent condition — no oxidation, staining, mold, mildew, water damage, etc. Because pressure washing provides a quick, simple, and effective solution for keeping your building’s exterior clean and presentable, it helps elevate your business in the eye of the consumer.


●        Reduced long-term maintenance costs. Routine pressure washing (combined with regular property inspections) can help protect the exterior of your building from developing mold, water damage, and other issues that can be very expensive to remediate. It’s not uncommon for issues like these to fly under the radar, only to be identified after they’ve grown severe and costly. With regular pressure washing, you can better control long-term maintenance costs and damage-related service interruptions that can seriously impact your bottom line.


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