What color are the walls inside your commercial building? Were they painted that way on purpose? Perhaps you chose a nice off-white to be as neutral as possible or maybe you went with your brand’s color scheme for the sake of recognition and coherence. If you didn’t choose your building’s paint colors specifically to enhance productivity, though, you might be missing out.

According to multiple studies, certain colors can have a strong influence on the way people act when they’re in the presence of those hues. And that influence extends to the workplace and beyond. How can different colors of commercial paint boost productivity and morale around your office? Below, we’re sharing a few different ways you can enhance work performance just by updating your commercial paint. 

Red Paint

Researchers have found that the color red boosts heart rate, evokes strong emotion, and increases blood flow. If you have a fast-paced, high-energy work atmosphere where time is of the essence and money is on the line, it may be a good idea to hire a commercial painting team to paint some of your office areas red.

The color is usually a good option for high-energy sales floors and areas where you’d like to attract attention. Some restaurants even paint some of their interior red when they want to get people in and out quickly. 

Yellow Paint

Studies have shown that the color yellow can boost creativity, optimism, friendliness, and self-esteem. So if your business involves lots of ideation and interaction with customers or clients, having an interior commercial painter splash your walls in yellow might be something to consider.

If you’re in a creative industry, you don’t have to go all-in with yellow, but you should definitely consider adding it to your interior decor if you work in one of the following areas:

●        Writing

●        Fashion design

●        Ad agency

●        Interior designers

●        Visual performance

●        Art

Orange Paint

The color orange can boost energy and enthusiasm and can even help with decision making. But orange is quite a loud color, so it’s generally a good hue for accents, not entire walls. Painting certain areas in your building orange can help keep energy high during the notorious mid-afternoon slump and can also help your staff be more decisive as they work through the day.

Green Paint

Studies have found that the color is green is naturally calming, which makes it a great choice for businesses where employees work long hours. Even if your operation is fast paced and high energy, green can (and perhaps, should) work its way in there somewhere.

If you’re thinking about hiring commercial painters to transform the high-energy areas of your building red to capitalize on that color psychology, it may be a good idea to have a calming, green break space. When staff members need to take a minute to breathe, they can hang out in the green room to calm their nerves.

Fun fact: In theatre, a green room is where the actors hang out before the show to center their minds, calm down, and get ready to perform. It’s also where they relax during the performance when they’re not on stage. Not all green rooms are actually painted green, but some of them are!

Blue Paint

Many color psychology experts have dubbed blue the most productive shade there is. Blue also happens to have a natural calming effect on people while it simultaneously stimulates mental activity. Hiring a commercial painting crew to redo your interior walls blue can help boost mood, attention span, mental acuity, and overall productivity and efficiency.

Ready to Update the Commercial Paint in Your Twin Cities Building?

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