Commercial paint inside warehouses and other industrial facilities gets far more exposure to harsh treatment than it does in other types of business buildings. But inside an industrial building, the paint doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. In many industrial facilities, paint plays a central role in keeping workers safe and protecting mechanical equipment.


When that paint begins to deteriorate, it not only looks bad but also increases the risk of accidents and equipment deterioration. If your building has any of the following paint issues, it’s time to start thinking about hiring a commercial painting contractor to redo your coatings.


Worn Floor Markings

Floor markings are there to delineate traffic routes, improve visibility in low-light conditions, alert employees of potential hazards, and provide instruction for employees who operate heavy equipment. They also serve to keep specific areas organized inside warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial buildings. These markings include:


●        Lines that mark permanent paths throughout a facility

●        Yellow caution paint that marks areas that contain physical hazards

●        Red caution paint that marks areas that contain fire hazards

●        Floor paint that marks boundaries for inventory storage, PPE storage, equipment storage, etc.


When these markings start to deteriorate, they can increase the risk of accidents in the workplace and make it difficult for employees to perform their work efficiently. That’s why getting in touch with a commercial painting contractor who can perform the appropriate maintenance on your interior painted floor markings is critical.


If your building currently has temporary markings, such as tape, flags, barrels, or cones, replacing them with permanent paint can help enhance workplace safety.


Exterior Surface Deterioration

Peeling, fading, or cracking paint on the exterior of your building isn’t just an aesthetic annoyance. Deteriorating exterior paint, caulking, and other sealants can allow water to penetrate the outside of the building.


Depending on the severity of the surface deterioration and the length of time it’s allowed to sit, it can result in water damage, mold proliferation, corrosion development, and even pest intrusion. Hiring a commercial painting contractor to update your building’s caulking and exterior surface paint is essential to avoid serious damage and maintain the integrity of the structure.  


Water Markings, Mildew, or Mold

If you’ve noticed water stains, mold, or mildew on the interior or exterior surfaces of your building, schedule an inspection with a commercial painting contractor promptly. Water damage and organic growths typically indicate that the exterior of your building is not properly protected from the elements.


Whether the damage is due to failed sealing or coatings, an experienced commercial exterior painting contractor can perform an inspection to locate the root cause of the problem. Regardless of the extent of the water damage or mold growth you find, these issues must be addressed promptly and thoroughly to protect the building from further deterioration.


Corrosion or Rust

High-quality commercial coatings are designed to protect the metal surfaces of your building and equipment from moisture-related damage. But those coatings won’t last forever, and when they start breaking down, your metal surfaces are at risk.


When coatings begin to deteriorate, you may notice signs of corrosion, either on the building itself or the equipment inside it. If rust becomes apparent, it’s time to call in a commercial painting contractor to update the affected coatings. Having high-level protection against water-related deterioration is one of the most effective ways to maintain the value of your building and equipment.


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