The paint on or inside your building is a reflection of your business — it can either leave a positive impression or instill doubt about the level of service you provide. So if you’re looking to make a strong impression on the public, you need to know your painting project is in the hands of an experienced commercial painting contractor.


To make sure you get premium-quality workmanship that you’re proud to display, there are a few things you should know before you start planning your project. Read on to find out what they are so can feel confident you’re hiring the best commercial painting contractor for the job.


Get Multiple Estimates

Getting estimates from several commercial painting contractors might sound tedious, but having plenty of options is what will allow you to select the best contractor for the job. To anyone unfamiliar with commercial painting, the process might seem relatively uncomplicated, as if just about any contractor with some paint and rollers can get the work done. That’s not the case at all.


High-quality commercial painting requires extensive training and skill; it’s not simple, and not everyone can (or will) do it well. That’s why it’s important to:


●        Speak with at least three contractors about your project

●        Get price quotes from each company

●        Assess each company’s skill level

●        Ask for a prospective project timeline


Look for Specialty Skills

If your project requires a specialty coating, special design skills, extensive prepwork, or anything else that’s not quite standard, you need to verify that the commercial painters can handle it. But you’re not necessarily just looking for an ability to handle the job — you’re looking for expertise and a verifiable history of it.


Some commercial painting contractors will take on work that’s outside the scope of their expertise even if they’re not totally prepared how to do it well. That’s why, when you find a contractor who claims to specialize in a particular skillset, you should ask for verification.


The last thing you want is to hire a company only to find out afterward that they don’t have any real-life experience with the specialty skill you need.


Review Project Portfolios

Taking a look at each commercial painting company’s portfolio of work is an easy and telling way to verify whether they actually specialize in what you need. Browsing completed projects is also a great way to get an idea of what your finished project will look like and whether the company does indeed perform premium-quality work.


What if you find a company that doesn’t have a portfolio to show you? That’s a red flag. Any reputable contractor should be more than willing to show off their hard work. If you can’t find any evidence of past projects, it’s probably in your best interest to move on.


Check Out Reviews and References

A commercial painting company’s portfolio of work doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story about the type of service they provide. You’ll find the other half of the tale in references and reviews from past clients. Look for reviews that speak to:


●        The company’s customer service

●        The contractor’s adherence to stated delivery timelines

●        The contractor’s communication with past clients

●        The contractor’s ability to stay on budget with the project


You or your project manager will be working closely with the contractors throughout the project, so you need to trust they’re good communicators and can deliver on time and on budget.

A portfolio might look incredible, but you never know what the real story is until you do a little digging.


Verify Licensing and Insurance

This should be a no-brainer, but we’d be remiss not to mention it since it’s incredibly important. It’s absolutely vital that any commercial painting contractor you’re considering has the appropriate licensing and insurance to do the work you’re planning to hire them for. Ask for verifiable proof of the documentation; any reputable company should be more than willing to provide it.


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