When was the last time you hired commercial painters to repaint your building? Has it been a few years? If your coatings or paint are looking dull or beginning to deteriorate, it’s time to start thinking about getting a new paint job. And no, this isn’t something you should put off for later.


Commercial interior and exterior paint serve several important purposes, and when that paint starts showing wear, your building — and possibly, your business’s reputation — may be at risk. Why exactly is repainting in your best interest? Read on to find out.  


Maintain a Positive Image & Market Value

Even if your building doesn’t have hoards of paying customers walking through its doors, you have a reputation to uphold. The appearance of your building plays a central role in the public’s opinion of your business and service, so keeping it clean, attractive, and up to date is critical.


That appearance also plays a significant role in the overall value of the building, so again, minimizing visible damage with a new coat of commercial paint is highly advantageous.

Help Increase Your Traffic

When you consider what attracts new clients to a business is how the exterior looks. When you have a clean and bright building as opposed to a worn and dingy one, this is going to be more likely to get noticed by individuals. Repainting also makes the overall structure look more maintained which can leave a favorable impression on potential clients.


Repainting is ideal if you have a competing retailer, especially if you have the same products. The priority is to enhance the exterior because even if the products inside the store are equal, if the exterior doesn't look attractive, customers may choose to not enter the building.

Attract Quality Customers

Another priority is to ensure you bring in the right kind of customers to your business, which can be done by picking specific colors. Vibrant colors work better for retail companies, and simple or muted colors work well for professional offices like accounting firms. Quality customers will produce buying behaviors based on the quality of products or services you offer, and adding a new coat of paint can help reinforce this.

Update Any Repairs or Wearing

Because your building's exterior is exposed to all the elements, this can lead to a breakdown, wear and tear and result in needing repairs and updates. Investing in repainting can address these issues and keep the property looking great.

To Give it a More Modern Look

Design trends come and go, and what was in style ten years ago might not fit any longer. Colors have changed, so another reason to repaint your building is to keep it updated. A new exterior color palette for your commercial building might be precisely what you need to help create a fresh feel and look that you and your customers love.


Protect Your Investment From Damage

High-quality commercial painting and coating maintenance isn’t just about aesthetics. Aside from creating an appealing visual, commercial coatings are designed to protect your building’s surfaces from damage and deterioration.


The exterior of your building sees daily exposure to heat, moisture, UV rays, and several other environmental factors that can contribute to ongoing wear and tear. Without properly maintained commercial exterior paint, rust, water damage, corrosion, and other forms of damage are inevitable.


Commercial paint also helps protect the interior surfaces of your building from ongoing deterioration. That’s especially true if your building houses industrial machinery that requires properly maintained protective coatings for safety or performance purposes. 


Adhere to Regulatory & Safety Requirements

Do you own a building that was constructed before 1978? If you’re unsure whether the interior or exterior paint was ever stripped, there’s a definite chance the building still contains lead paint. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may be required to strip any remaining lead paint and hire commercial painting contractors to replace it with a safe, non-toxic alternative.


If your operation is subject to OSHA regulations regarding painted safety markings, allowing your paint to deteriorate may put you in violation of those requirements.


Boost Workplace Morale & Productivity

The color and condition of your building’s interior paint may seem fairly inconsequential, but it’s more important than you probably realize. Colors can have a significant influence on employee productivity and morale, and the condition of the workplace can have a major impact on staff satisfaction.


Harvard Business Review found that employees who enjoy their work environments are almost 20% more likely to remain in their current position and are up to 16% more productive each day. Essentially, putting effort into your building’s interior design by updating the commercial paint can make your people happier, more productive, more creative, and more efficient at their work.


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