You want your office to be a functional space that feels comfortable and creates efficiency in your workday. If the area is smaller than what you would like, you may consider making some changes that can help promote a larger space.


There are options like changing the furniture and reorganizing the setup to create a more natural flow, but one primary thing you can do is choose a different color for your walls.


Choosing the right paint color can be tricky if you are not familiar with how color schemes will work inside the room, so we recommend working with an experienced commercial painting company for the best results! For now, here are some suggestions to get you started.

What Are the Right Paint Colors for a Small Space?

If you want to make a small office seem larger with a new paint color, you have options!


The go-to for many companies and individuals is to pick white as the primary color. This can be problematic for some because it leaves the room with minor characters and feels uninspired.


There are ways to alter this by using a satin finish or an eggshell to help reflect the light and alter the perception of the room to larger.


This shade is a lighter and neutral color like white but adds more warmth to the room. The tone of this color is best suited for rooms with small amounts of structural details.

Pink Shades

One popular shade is pink with blush highlights. Adding this color during the painting process promotes cheerful feelings and a beautiful ambiance, particularly later in the day.


This hue is ideal for rooms with lots of windows and lighting and works well with tones like ivory or beige. It also works well with masculine or feminine decoration as it meshes beautifully with wood and modern metals.



Another alternative to the white would be a variation of cool grey. This hue offers a refreshing brightness without it being overly harsh like the white can portray.


Gray paints provide a crispness that promotes the light to reflect off the walls and gives the room a more relaxed ambiance instead of warm.

Other Options

Depending on your style, you might do well by adding in an accent wall highlighted by a darker red. Having the additional color can create a more spacious look and allow variations in decoration choices.


Pastels are another great alternative to creating a softer look while making the space seem bigger.

Let DANCO’s Paint Experience Work for You

There is no question that something as simple as changing a paint color can make all the difference in a room. Finding a company that can specialize in commercial interior paint services can give you peace of mind. DANCO Commercial Painters has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in industrial paint coatings to pressure washing.


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