The age of red and white barns has begun to phase out, and business owners are starting to understand that they have more options than they used to. With today's technological advances, almost any color is obtainable, especially with commercial building painting used for structures that house anything from livestock to equipment.


The tricky part is figuring out the needs for your facility, so here are some key points to consider before deciding on a paint color scheme for your agricultural facility!

Choosing Paint Colors for Ag Buildings

Part of keeping your building in prime condition is performing general maintenance like pressure washing and ensuring the building's colors are looking new. If you have peeling paint, this can look unsightly for future customers and create the feeling that your property is not in use. You want your business to catch people's eyes, and keeping the colors updated will help contribute to this.


With all the colors available, there may be confusion on which one to pick, So whether it is a stain or a paint, you will want to find one that complements buildings already on the property.

Make a Barn Look Larger With Light Paint Colors

Traditionally, the white trim was used as a reflective agent for the light from the sun to keep the barn cool. It is recommended to use light colors to enhance the appearance and which can make the building look larger.

Keep It Natural With Earth Tones

If you are seeking to blend in, you might consider a brown or green to go with the surrounding environment. Do keep in mind that darker colors will show damage more easily and take in more heat.


Accent Architecture With Dark Trim

There are some situations where adding a darker trim that accents the doors will help make the architectural design more pronounced. Another benefit to keeping your paint updated is that it will protect the structural integrity of the building.

Other Things to Keep in Mind: Agricultural Painting

If you have fading or worn paint, maintenance costs can go up over the years as the building materials can rot or rust. Keeping up on regular maintenance like painting will help to create longevity in your building which saves you time and money over the long run. The updated painting adds an extra layer of protection and helps create durability and longevity for your facility.

Enhancing Buildings With Color Is Our Specialty

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