As a farmer, the state of your agricultural buildings represents what you stand for. If you are not maintaining the exteriors and keeping farm buildings in good condition, this can have a negative effect on future and current customers.


Taking the time to keep agricultural exteriors in the best shape possible helps foster a positive impact for your workers, which can lead to a happier environment for your livestock too. So let’s go over three simple ways you can improve the look of your Minnesota farm!

Pressure Wash Farm Building Exteriors

One of the main chores for any buildings on your property is keeping them clean with pressure washing.


Removing debris isn’t just for looks – it can help reduce the destructive nature of the particles that build up naturally over time. Whether it's bird stains, grime, grease, or dirt, you do not want to leave anything unattended because as it accumulates, there's a greater chance for corrosion or oxidation.


Another consideration is UV light deterioration, so keeping up on regular maintenance will let you know if any paint fading has happened as time has passed.


If you are not familiar with cleaning farm buildings, we recommend hiring a qualified company to pressure wash the site to get it done right the first time!

Touch Up the Paint

Another recommendation that can help improve the visual aesthetics of your property is to apply a new paint coat. There may be situations where you only need to do some touch ups in the area, but it's imperative you find a company that can match the color you already have on your buildings.


DANCO can help you keep that well-cared-for look with our streamlined paint process! Taking the time to utilize the highest quality paint products on the market helps us maintain the overall value of the building and improve the whole area with an up-to-date and current look.

General Improvements

The last improvement you may want to consider is ensuring that any damaged boards or areas of concern have upgraded hardware and replaced sections if needed. Make it part of a normal routine!


Making general improvements on a regular basis is important to eliminate liabilities if there are any issues with the building's exterior that can cause harm to others.

DANCO Commercial Painters: Committed to Quality in Agricultural Exteriors

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