With all the different paint brands on the market, it is easy to find almost anything you need from a big box store for your project. Multiple paint options work in similar ways, and you want to know you are choosing quality for all your painting projects. One company stands out from all the rest, and that is Sherwin-Williams.


Aside from the fact that they have been in business for over 150 years, here are six more reasons why Sherwin-Williams is a leading brand of paint for commercial exteriors.

Color Tools Through Online Support

One of the first reasons is that Sherwin-Williams offers downloadable pallets, project centers, color matching tools, and other options to help you find the correct paint and color for your project. This support means getting the right fit the first time for your color needs.


If you have ever had a problem deciding which color you want to pick for your paint process, your local store will schedule a consultation to help you find the right color. The appointment will include a phone call, a consultation in your home, a list, a sample, and a $50 gift card for your purchase.

Variety of Products

There is a reason Sherwin-Williams are experts in the paint field. They offer products that can start from novice level and go up to professional contractors. The professionals are experienced, and they offer advice for cleaning supplies, staining, or anything involving paint.


All the company's consultants are trained professionally in color theory, paint calculations, color matching, and anything else related to painting. They want to ensure that the individual helping you can support you in choosing the right color and option that you need for your home or commercial painting project.



One thing that makes Sherwin-Williams stand out from everyone else is their personalization with their clients and customers. They strive to help create a connection and offer support because they understand that customers make the business great.

The Locations

Sherwin-Williams has over 3520 stores in neighborhoods. And because they are a Fortune 500 company, they are in almost every state. This means you are going to get consistency over the years, whether you need paint, advice, or tools. Having a reliable, trusted source will help give you confidence that you will get the same results each time.

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