When it comes to painting your business, you might be considering calling a commercial painting company to get the job done, but there might be some concern about which season is the right time. If you have never seen someone up on a ladder painting in the middle of winter, this doesn't necessarily mean that colder seasons aren’t appropriate times.


Each season can be a good choice, so here are the benefits of each to help you decide what will work for you.

Painting in the Winter

Once fall has come to an end, you might be trying to find a way to spruce up your business and make it more noticeable for customers. New paint can also help boost employees' productivity, creating a greater return on your investments.


One benefit that winter painting offers is that the air is colder and drier, making it easier for the paint to cure. In addition to this, the job might get completed faster because the business may have more flexibility of when painters are available to complete the job.

Spring Painting

Spring can make individuals feel like they need to make a change, and if you want to refresh your commercial business with new paint, this might be the right time.


Spring offers optimal temperatures, which can help with the masonry coating and the curing of the paint. It can also be beneficial because the company will spot any damage that the building has occurred over the winter and help with repairs so you know the job is done proficiently.

Summertime Painting

Summer has multiple benefits, including warm and drier days for commercial painting. This means less humidity to contend within the process that can cause issues later.


In addition to this, the longer days mean there's more time to get the painting done so you can spend more time running your business and worry less about the job.

Fall Painting Benefits

Fall offers relief for some painters because the cooler air means they are not going to be painting in direct sunlight all day. In some cases and depending on the product, higher temperatures can also cause the paint to dry unevenly, which may need to be corrected later so fall temperatures are ideal to combat this.


There's also less of a chance of rain, and more flexibility for hiring a company because jobs start to slow down when fall comes.

DANCO Commercial Painters: Professional and Dependable

Every season has its benefits and drawbacks, but understanding what they can offer can lead you to choose a time of year that works best for your company. When it comes to professional services, DANCO Commercial Painters are your locally owned experts in industrial paint coatings and other services like pressure washing in the Minnesota area.


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