The color you choose for your commercial space can influence moods and create an unforgettable ambiance. So, if you have been considering contacting a commercial painting company to create a new style, DANCO Commercial Painters is here with some popular painting trends for 2022.

Think Green

With the digital age growing, individuals are looking to create a retreat in their homes and with commercial interior painting that feels nurturing and more alive. So, consumers are choosing shades like Emerald Green to foster a feeling of nourishment and harmony. Mint hues can also foster a sense of calm while at the same time allowing for self-expression.

Blues and Beyond

If you want to create a new life in your interior and transform the area, utilizing colors inspired by the water or the sky can help enhance and promote a sense of tranquility. Dark Blue offers a diversity that can create a more dramatic flair or a Royal Blue for a contemporary feeling.

Terracotta Rouge

Another trend that individuals are incorporating are abstract colors because they can help offer a sense of personalization to the space. Choosing colors like browns with red tones may feel like a bold statement, but it can make the area feel softer and more calming in the right environment helping to create ease in the office.

Choose a Playful Color

People are choosing colors that help bring out the personality and offer a sense of energy and sassiness to the space. Tones like Emerald Green, Ruby Red, and Sapphire can all be used in different rooms to add style and contrast.

Enhance Your Creativity

For those looking to create a more surreal feeling in the environment, consider pinks for a dreamy aspect. Colors like Raspberry Swirl or Blush Rose have multiple layers of color inside them and can create a feeling of inspiration, free-flowing movement, and style.

Neutral feels Natural

The last trend in this list for 2022 is to choose colors that offer a calming and neutral experience. Because stress levels are at high levels, individuals want to be able to relax when they go to the office, and brighter colors can increase stress and anxiety levels. To help enhance a relaxation experience, the trends are picking tones like Repose Gray or Wind's Breath to help negate this.

When you Need Expert Services, Call DANCO

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