2022 is coming out as a season of letting go and bringing more joy into individuals' lives, including businesses and residential properties. One great starting place is the exterior color that you choose, and if you have been considering contacting a commercial painting company, there's no denying that 2022 has some amazing options. Adding some new color to the exterior of your property can help rejuvenate it and make it more appealing, so here are some of the top exterior color trends for 2022.

Go Green

Regardless of the type of property you own, there's a shift in color and how it is impacting structural design. If your business has an outdoor garden section, adding dark accents of green can help flatter the area's overall look. This year, a few favorites include Pewter Green, Studio Green, and Backwoods because they can all help evoke a feeling of tranquility, balance, and stability.

Blue Hues are Taking the Stage

Another popular trend is choosing blue hues to offer a contemporary and classic look and they pair well with different accent colors, including natural wood and yellows. Some of the more inspirational 2022 options include Inchyra Blue and Naval because they offer a more aged color scheme and add additional depth to the property.

Think Neutrals

Painting commercial  buildings means picking the right color scheme, and another consideration for 2022 is neutral options. These can be classic colors that create a cozy ambiance and a soothing experience for employees, visitors and customers alike. Hues like Steam, Natural Linen, and Pale Moon can help transform any space's exterior because they pair well with almost any other color.

Keep it Classic with Grays

Gray has a natural ability to work well in almost any space, and for some, it may be considered a safer choice. The main thing to be mindful of is making sure it's the right hue, and that you are not picking a color that is too light or too dark. A few great options are Stoning Gray, Cloud, and Ammonite, as they all work well by offering cool undertones and creating a subtle aesthetic for any property.

Looking for Drama and Depth?

2022 is also promoting darker shades, and monochromatic paint colors are becoming more popular. They can create a dramatic flair and make your property more noticeable, especially when combined with a lighter-colored entrance. Hues that are dark and saturated can make the home or business stand out, and two popular options are Mysterious and Stonecutter, as they are both subtle yet compelling.

DANCO Commercial Painters, the Trusted Name in Experience

When it comes to creating a look that sticks out to your customers, you need a professional on your side, and DANCO Commercial Painters is the right choice. We have been providing exceptional services for over 30 years including Industrial paint coatings and pressure washing in Minnesota that our clients love.


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