You strive to keep your commercial properties in the best possible shape for your clientele and employees. So it makes sense to invest in finishes that offer the best visual appeal along with long-lasting durability. But even the best paints need a properly prepared surface to achieve the best results.


The experts at DANCO Commercial Painters, Inc. understand the importance of proper prepwork in the commercial painting industry. Careless prepwork or the complete lack of preparation can quickly ruin an otherwise professional paint job.


The Importance of Proper Prepwork

It only takes a single coat of paint to unearth a variety of imperfections and flaws, exposing every speck of dirt and grime on the surface. Flakes of old paint, small cracks and tiny holes left unfilled can take away from your newly painted building’s appearance. Simply applying paint over old, unprepped surfaces magnifies these imperfections, making your building appear older and unkept.


Unprepped surfaces are also difficult for new paint to properly adhere to. Without a prepped surface to properly bond to, new paint can quickly peel, bubble or flake away, resulting in costly repaints that dig into your company’s bottom line.


How We Handle Prepwork

To ensure quality results every single time, the commercial building painting specialists at DANCO Commercial Painters take the following steps to properly prepare your building for painting:

●        Thoroughly pressure wash exterior surfaces to remove dirt and grime

●        Scrape and sand rough surfaces and areas with failing paint

●        Patch small cracks and holes as needed

●        Mask and protect areas that don’t require painting

Once an exterior or interior surface is properly prepared, our painting technicians add a coat of primer onto the surface before applying your specified finish. This important step ensures a vibrant and durable paint finish that can be enjoyed for years on end.


Contact Us for Your Commercial Painting Needs

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