Colors are powerful. They can induce physical and emotional reactions, and although people have their favorite colors, studies have shown the effects of certain colors influence people universally.


The right color for an office or workspace can kickstart employees’ motivation and boost their productivity. So, if your office building is feeling drab, it may be time to harness the power of color to help your employees be more efficient.


Some colors universally boost productivity, while other colors will boost productivity for certain types of tasks. The right color(s) for your commercial interior painting project will depend on the type of work your employees are doing.


Here are some examples:


Blue | Blue tends to stimulate the mind and is a good color choice if you’re looking for one color to paint an entire office in an effort to boost productivity. The color is also calming and helps someone focus on the task at hand.


Green | Green is also a calming color and is great to use in an office where your employees work long hours. The color doesn’t create eye fatigue and also makes people more efficient.


Yellow | Yellow inspires creativity, so designers, writers, and other creative workers should have this color in their workspaces to help encourage optimal productivity.


Red | If your employees do tasks that involve physical activity, red is the right choice. The color has been shown to increase heart rate and blood flow while evoking emotion and passion. So if there’s something in the office that you want employees to notice, paint it red.


Something to also keep in mind is the saturation and intensity of the color you choose for the commercial painting project. Bright colors tend to be more stimulating, while softer colors are more soothing. It’s smart to choose colors for areas of the office that will best suit the type of work people are doing in those areas.


The colors mentioned above are much better options than bland colors, like gray, beige and white. Studies have show that offices painted these colors induce feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women. Meanwhile, men tend to feel gloomy in workspaces that are painted purple and orange.


If your employees are feeling down, it’s probably time for a new paint job. We at DANCO Commercial Painters in the Twin Cities offer numerous commercial painting services to make your business look great! We’ll help you create a design that will promote your brand and set you apart from the competition, while also helping your employees be more productive. Contact us today at 612-598-3864 for more information on all our commercial painting services.