Are you considering repainting your commercial property? There are plenty of commercial painters out there, but it is important to find a company that will do the job right the first time to ensure it looks good — and will last.


That means there are quite a few steps before we at DANCO Commercial Painters actually pick up a brush and start painting. Our paint process is key to successful commercial interior and exterior painting jobs.


Here is how DANCO’s painting process gets the job done right for commercial properties near the Twin Cities!

1. Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, we will visit the building to understand what – if any – work needs to be done prior to painting. This includes assessing the condition of your walls to determine if any need to be patched or repaired, or whether any additional maintenance or upgrades are necessary.


This is also the time we will give you an overview of what the project demands and provide a quote.

2. Plan the Design

The next step of the commercial painting process is one of the most important — and can be the most fun if you are looking to do something different with the space.


This is when we speak to you about your style and design options so you can decide what the walls will look like once the commercial painting project is finished. We urge you to take your time deciding, because DANCO Commercial Painters has a variety of colors, tones, materials, and designs to choose from.


We take extra care during this stage, because we want to make sure the final design is something you, your employees, and customers will enjoy. It should match your brand and feel inviting for all who visit your property.

3. Prepare the Walls/Exteriors

Now that you have decided what you want your walls to look like, we will get to work preparing the walls for a fresh coat of paint. This could entail caulking to help seal any cracks, holes, or gaps on the surface of the space. The caulking is applied with precision to find any areas that need touching up and can result in more longevity in the paint.


Pressure washing is also essential, because it ensures that the paint is going to adhere to the surface more effectively. It cleans out hard-to-reach spaces like cracks and crevices and removes any old paint that might be peeling off. In addition, pressure washing removes dirt and grime and can kill bacteria that can build up on the exterior surfaces that reduce the durability of the paint.


Patching, and/or sanding the walls is also essential to increase the application of the paint, making it a smoother and more adhesive area for the product to stick to.


All of these steps are important aspects of the paint process. If not done with care and professionalism, it could harm the overall quality of the paint job. That is why we make sure to take our time to make sure your walls are in the best condition before we pick up a brush!

4. Prime

Finally, before painting, the area will be completely masked off, including covering windows with plastic sheathing, and spaces like landscaping, or doors and fixtures.

The surface may need to have a primer applied, which can create a foundation for the paint and help increase its longevity. It also helps provide extra protection from elements, and the type of primer depends on the paint you choose. In most cases, the primer tint will be the same color as the paint, leaving a perfect color finish.

5. Paint the Walls

Now that the walls are ready to paint, we will carefully apply the proper paint or top coating that is the best to protect your building — whether we are painting inside or outside. Depending on the project, there may be several techniques, including using a brush, a roller, or a paint sprayer that are used. 


A first coat will be applied using one of the listed methods, and we will go section by section to ensure that the paint is evenly distributed to the entire surface. Once it is dried, a second coat may be added; which not only helps make the paint aesthetics nicer but can also increase its durability.

6. Paint the Trim

Once we have completed the large exterior portions, the trim will need to be painted. This is completed by starting with the topmost section of the building and working down to ensure accuracy.

7. Final Inspection

After we’re finished painting, we’ll examine our handiwork with you and ensure everything is pristine.

The end result will be a smooth, weather-resistant surface and a professional look that you will be proud to show off. When paint or coating is applied properly, it will protect your walls against the elements for years to come.

8. Touch-Ups/Cleaning

DANCO recommends getting your freshly painted walls inspected and cleaned at least once every two to three years. This will help you maintain your professional paint job for as long as possible.

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