Choosing the right color for your commercial building is important, whether it is for the interior or exterior of the building. The color palette you choose will identify your business to the world, so there are many things to consider when choosing wall colors, such as the color palette outlined in your branding guide to ensure the colors you choose complement your brand. 


If you are painting the exterior of the building, you should also think of how certain colors will look on the architecture of the building and with the building's surroundings.


If you are doing an interior commercial painting job in an office, you may want to consider colors that both compliment your brand while also boosting productivity

Experts Favorite Commercial Interior Colors for 2023

While considering what would work best with your brand, you may also want to think about what colors are trending this year. These color trends change constantly, with various paint manufacturers and designers releasing a color of the year every fall. 

Natural Greens

With the digital age growing, individuals want to create a retreat in their offices by incorporating commercial interior painting that feels more nurturing and alive. So, consumers are choosing shades like Emerald Green to foster a feeling of nourishment and harmony. 


Mint hues can also foster a sense of calm while at the same time allowing for self-expression and lightness.

Beyond Blues

If you want to create a new life in your interior and transform the area, utilizing colors inspired by the water or the sky can help enhance and promote a sense of tranquility. 


Consider Dark Blue for a diverse tone that can create a more dramatic flair or Royal Blue for a contemporary and dependable ambiance.

Creative Pinks 

For those looking to create a more surreal feeling in the environment, consider pinks for a dreamy and creative look. 


Colors like Raspberry Swirl or Blush Rose have multiple layers of color infused together and can create a feeling of inspiration, free-flowing movement, and unique style. 

Expert’s Choice for Business Exterior Colors in 2023 

Your exterior is what helps you stand out, and 2023 is all about creating more joy and letting go, so check out some of the leading expert's favorite shades.

Classic Grays

Gray has a natural ability to work well in almost any space, and for some, it may be considered a safer choice. The main thing to be mindful of is making sure it's the right hue and that you are not picking a color that is too light or too dark. 


A few great options are Stoning Gray, Cloud, and Ammonite, as they all work well by offering cool undertones and creating a subtle aesthetic for any property.

Dramatic Depth 

2023 is also about tone and darker shades, so monochromatic paint colors are on the list. They can create a dramatic flair and make your property more noticeable, especially when combined with a lighter-colored entrance. 


Hues that are dark and saturated can make the home or business stand out, and two popular options are Mysterious and Stonecutter, as they are both subtle yet compelling.

Neutral Options

Painting commercial buildings means picking the right color scheme, and another consideration for 2023 is neutral options. These can be classic colors that create a cozy ambiance and a soothing experience for employees, visitors, and customers alike. 


Hues like Steam, Natural Linen, and Pale Moon can help transform any space's exterior because they pair well with almost any other color.

Consider Color Psychology 

If you are planning on doing a commercial painting project in the near future, there are a few other things to keep in mind if you are going to go the trendy color route. 


Color experts have found different generations respond differently to colors than others, so your color choices should be based not only on who your company is but who your company is trying to attract. 


While all generations enjoy colors that promote wanderlust, such as blues and ocean tones. Millennials lean toward colors that promote mindfulness, such as soft greens, sand, and complex grays that are calming and bring nature indoors. 


Generation Z enjoys colors that mix convenience and innovation, such as bright oranges, violet, vibrant greens, and watery blues. 

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