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Nothing keeps your business looking fresh like a new exterior coat of paint. Updating and refreshing your paint is the most cost-effective way to keep your business looking inviting and welcoming to your customers. DANCO offers comprehensive paint, patch, and repair services for your building to keep it performing well year after year. We specialize in restoring exterior walls for all types of structures such as warehouses, restaurants, hotels, schools, and government facilities.

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Why Your Building Needs a Paint Job

  • Your Professional Image: Your greatest opportunity to make a first impression starts at the curb. Potential clients’ first impressions of your business is often determined by how well you keep your property maintained. To keep your company’s marketing image strong, we recommend a new paint job. Fresh new colors and finishes will rejuvenate your exterior and set your business apart from the competition.
  • Reinforced Paint Protection: A new paint job will also reinforce your building’s protection from the outside elements. When DANCO painters assess the work to be done, we look at areas of the building we need to patch, caulk, sand, and prime. We do more than just paint the walls. We restore the walls back to top condition. When we’re done with the job, your building will look amazing and perform well through every season.
  • Added Property Value: One of the things that potential building investors look at is how much maintenance they’re going to give a building once they purchase it. The more maintenance-free your building is, the higher its resale value. A paint job can improve your property’s market value significantly.
  • Prevents/Reduces Water Damage: Properly prepped and painted walls can act as a barrier against water intrusion. We can patch up or help you repair any walls to prevent potential water damage.

Superior Products, Superior Service

DANCO painters and sub-contractors are experts in protecting commercial properties from the weather in Minnesota. We know the climate and the demands on the finish on your building’s facade. Therefore, we can help you choose the right paint products that are specifically designed to hold up well on the structural exterior.

We have over three decades of experience using all types of exterior finishes and paint for commercial applications. We choose high-end products from reputable manufacturers that you know and trust including

  • PPG Pittsburgh Paints
  • Sherwin Williams Paint
  • Wooster (Sundries) brushes, rollers, roller poles
  • Purdy brushes and rollers
  • Graco sprayers and pressure washers
  • Titan sprayers
  • JLG Manlifts

With reliable, guaranteed paints from these trusted manufacturers, we can complete any paint job to your specifications. When the project is done, we know you will be satisfied with every aspect of our work.

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